First International Proficiency Testing Conference

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Motto: "There is no science without measurements,
no quality without testing and no global
market without standards."

The Commission of the European Union

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to invite you to attend the First International Proficiency Testing Conference. On behalf of the Steering Committee, I am looking forward to welcoming you to Sinaia, Romania, between 11th and 13th October 2007.

The Conference is dedicated to the specialists from the analysis and testing laboratories in many fields (aggregates, chemistry, construction materials, electrical engineering, environmental, food and feed, mechanics, metallurgy, microbiology, petrochemistry, physics of lasers, plasma and radiation, plastics, soils, textiles etc.). It is an opportunity to promote discussions and an exchange of opinions between interested parties (institutes of higher education, research institutes, testing laboratories, accreditation and standardisation bodies, national authorities, manufacturers, users of products and services, etc.)

The Conference represents an important meeting for those who are interested to share and disseminate their experience, knowledge and innovative ideas on: Proficiency testing schemes; Reference materials; Validation of testing methods; Uncertainty of measurement; Metrology and traceability; Standardisation; Research, development and education in the laboratory activity; Accreditation, Quality management in testing laboratories; Conformity assessment.

The Conference Exhibition will highlight the latest equipment and relevant scientific instrumentation as well as chemicals and other products.

The event is organised by the Institute of Research, Engineering and Consulting for Cement, Lime and Plaster CEPROCIM SA - Bucharest, Romania under the auspices of the Research Excellence Programme CEEX initiated by the Romania's Ministry of Education and Research.


With best wishes,


Dr Eng Graziela Guslicov




PT CONF Steering Committee

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