First International Proficiency Testing Conference

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Conference Venue

The Venue of the 1st International Proficiency Testing Conference 2007 is The International Convention Centre (, Sinaia, Romania (see on the map the red circle of Casino).

Contact persons:

Dr. Eng. Graziela Guslicov, telephone :
+ 40/21 318.88.93 Ext. 121
Dr. Eng. Mariana Coarna , telephone: +40/21 318.88.93 Ext. 160
Dip. Eng. Cristina Vlad, telephone: +40/21 318.88.93 Ext. 149

How to get to the conference

From Sinaia Main Station

The main railway station in Sinaia is marked with a red rectangle on the map. There, you can take a taxicab at the current taxi fare of 1.0 RON/km.

Getting from Bucharest to Sinaia

By the Conference Minibus

A number of minibuses covering the route Bucharest-Sinaia will be provided for conference participants according to a scheduled programme to be further detailed. In case you missed the minibuses you may use other means of transport as detailed below.

By train

To get to Sinaia by train, you'll need to proceed through a number of steps:

Transport from the 'Henri Coanda' International Airport (Otopeni), Bucharest to the City Centre

By Bus Expres No. 783 (approx 40 min.). The bus stops in the following stations:
- The 'Henri Coanda' International Airport, in front of the ARRIVALS /DEPARTURES Terminal
- The BANEASA Airport
- Piata Presei libere
- Piata Victoriei
- Piata Romana
- Piata Universitatii
- Piata Unirii, etc.

Bus fare: Two prepaid tickets on magnetic cards of 5.0 RON. The cards can be purchased from a kiosk in front of the ARRIVALS Terminal; open daily 06:00-20:30.

Bus schedule: Monday-Friday 5:30-23:40 (at every 15 min); Saturday, Sunday, and Legal Holidays 5:30-23:30 (at every 30 min).

Transport from the Bucharest City Centre to the 'Gara de Nord' Railway Station By Underground-Metroul Bucuresti

The Bucharest underground connects Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii, and Piata Unirii to the 'Gara de Nord' railway station. Take the underground from the station Piata Victoriei to the station 'Gara de Nord'. Underground fare: Two prepaid tickets on magnetic cards of 2.0 RON, or ten prepaid tickets per 6.5 RON.

Transport from the 'Gara de Nord' railway station to Sinaia

Take the train from the 'Gara de Nord' railway station in Bucharest to Sinaia-a two hours' journey. Please take note that the railway station for departure to Sinaia is 'Bucuresti Nord'. First class fare: A one way ticket is about 30 RON.
The official website of the 'Romanian Railways' can be found here

Transport from the Sinaia railway station to the Conference Venue

To get from the Sinaia railway station to the Conference venue see How to get to the conference.

By Taxi/ Rent a Car

If you'd rather take a taxicab or rent a car, look for further information at (Airport access).

By car

On the Bucharest-Brasov highway, Sinaia is 125 kilometres far from Bucharest. The speed limit outside cities is of 90 km/h, and inside cities is of 50 km/h.

Accommodation in Sinaia

A list of three hotels in Sinaia is provided below. They are reserved by the travel company Marshal Turism for all the conference participants. Reservations should be made by filling in the Hotel Reservation Form. Please note that EUR/RON parity is continuously changing.

Hotel Palace****/ ***

For any additional information please contact Marshal Turism.

Single room


Double room (twin bed)


Double room (matrimonial bed)


Hotel Sinaia ***

For any additional information please contact Marshal Turism.

Double room (single occupancy)


Double room (twin bed)


Double room (matrimonial bed)


Hotel New Montana ****

For any additional information please contact Marshal Turism.

Single room


Double room (twin bed)


Double room (matrimonial bed)


Local transportation

By Taxi

The current daytime rate is 1.0 RON/km. Some extra charges may apply at night, or during weekends.

By Maxi Taxi

The price of a ticket is 1.5 RON and can be bought from the driver.

Other useful information


In October the weather is fine with a few scattered showers (the average rain days is 4). The average temperature is of 8oC.

Time Zone:

Eastern European Time (Romanian time +2 GMT).


The local currency is Romanian Lei (RON). On 31st April 2006, the exchange rates were 1 EUR = 3.50 RON and 1 US$ = 3.00 RON. For various transactions and money exchange, we strongly recommend that you contact only authorized institutions, such as banks or exchange offices. Foreign exchange facilities are available at the 'Henri Coanda' International Airport (Otopeni), in the railway stations, and in most hotels in Bucharest and Sinaia. Bank opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed on weekends. Visitors are advised to bring cash with them, or to exchange some money when entering the country. Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard) and Traveller's Cheques are accepted by most banks.


Whilst Romanian (a Latin family language) is spoken throughout Romania, you will easily find English speakers. Most of the hotel and restaurant staff speaks English.


Electricity is supplied at 220 volts / 50 Hz.

Internet Access:

Throughout the conference, computers with Internet access will be available at the Conference Centre. They are especially reserved for participants to read and send e-mails, view conference related information or other websites. You may also find Internet Cafe parlours where you can pay for access on the Internet, and set informal gatherings.


In case of health emergency call 112.



Social events

On the last conference day, a one-day visit to the Bran Castle will be organized.

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