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Panoramica Sibiu Sibiu German: Hermannstadt; Hungarian: Nagyszeben; Serbian: Сибињ/Sibinj; Yiddish: הערמאנשטאדט (Hermanshtadt) or סזעבען (Szeben), ) is one of the largest cities in Transylvania, Romania with a population of about 175,000. It straddles the Cibin River, a tributary of the river Olt. It is the capital of Sibiu County and is located some 282 km NW of Bucharest.

The city, built on an old Roman establishment, offers, together with its old history certified 850 years ago, a unique world of artistic and cultural events, combined with a natural beauty of the surroundings. Sibiu is one the most beautiful medieval city from Transylvania, which gives to its visitors a special impression.

Panoramica 2 Sibiu Sibiu is seen like a city of art and culture. A high number of cultural monuments, a wide gamut of artistic and cultural events represent the base of a complex cultural profile.

The cultural life in Sibiu is emphasized through specific and unique offers, which made the city known over the boarders of the country, this thing being emphasized by putting up Sibiu as the European Cultural Capital in 2007.

The surroundings of Sibiu, of which we remind here the cultural place known as “Marginimea Sibiului”,also the Paltinis and Ocna Sibiului resorts, Fagaras Mountains from Transfagarasan  to Olt Valley and the villages surrounding the city ,makes from Sibiu an important touristic destination from Romania.